A Living Museum

The Foundation works to preserve the historic Whittemore House and its growing collection of art and antiques. Built in 1894 and listed in 1973 on the National Register of Historic Places, Phillip Johnson described the Whittemore House as “an architectural masterpiece.” It is open to the public as a museum. 

The Woman’s National Democratic Club (WNDC) bought Whittemore House in 1927 and it has since served as the WNDC’s clubhouse. It is also home to a broad range of programs and activities reflecting the interests and activities of its members. 

The furnishings and collections reflect the changing role of women in public life. In addition to paintings, prints, sculptures, furniture, and decorative objects, the house is a repository of a unique collection concerning women’s political history—a trove for political historians and their researchers. The archives are a rich source of records, publications, photographs, political memorabilia, newspaper clippings, portraits, and audio and video tapes of some of the speaker programs and the library contains a collection of books on politics and speakers’ presentations.

The most recent preservation project was the renovation of the copper bay above the front door and the “greening” of the French doors to the garden. The Foundation is currently developing a multi-year plan to restore and preserve the Whittemore House and welcomes donations for that purpose. 



These programs depend on the participation and financial support of members and the public. Please contribute to the work of the Educational Foundation by making a tax deductible contribution.