2020+ keepsake calendar honors the thousands of women who

fought for the right to vote -- and are committed to protecting that right for

all women.  Full color. Historic illustrations and photographs of activists and facts throughout.

PRICE: $20.00

The Calendar is now available for purchase on Amazon.

fundraising opportunity

The Educational Foundation is making Women and the Vote: Centennial Calendar available to organizations committed to women’s rights and suffrage to assist with their fundraising goals.

Please write to wndcef@gmail.com for bulk pricing and to place an order.  

Centennial calendars for Classrooms

As students work their way from July 2019 through December 2020, they will acquire knowledge of the complex struggle that led to the adoption of the 19th amendment and deepen their understanding of the crusade by way of introduction and exposure to leading suffragist trailblazers, including women from Sojourner Truth to Alice Paul.

Want Centennial Calendars for classrooms in your community?  Write to wndcef@gmail.com to learn more.

Donate a Calendar

Make a tax deductible contribution to place calendars in classrooms.