Now We Can begin: Women and the Vote Online Timeline

A more than 200-year timeline from the crafting of the constitution to today follows the long and tortuous history of women and the vote. A wealth of carefully researched and extensively reviewed dates, facts, images, and other primary documents traces the history and highlights key individuals and themes in the struggle for the vote. Click Here.

Women and the Vote Gallery Walk

A selection of posters with images and other primary documents from the Women and the Vote: Centennial Calendar will be displayed and made available. The posters can be used to stimulate discussion and exploration with teachers and students. Email us if you would like to view and download the gallery.

Women and the Vote: Centennial Calendar

Women and the Vote: Centennial Calendar brings to life the long history of the struggle for women’s suffrage and honors the many who labored to extend the basic right to vote in the United States to all of us. The Foundation created this calendar in collaboration with scholars, the Belmont–Paul Women’s Equality National Monument, the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, and other organizations. It has been reviewed and is available at the National Park Service, the National Archives, and other places. Both educational and artistic, the calendar brings to life the struggle for the vote from the 1800s through the passage of these two critical amendments and beyond. 

The calendar is available for sale on Amazon or Etsy. We also offer special rates for schools and have grants available to provide calendars for educational purposes.  Please write to us at

Youth Voter Registration and Turnout: Promising Practices

We have created a state-by-state compendium of promising practices for increasing youth voter registration and turnout. Click Here.

Women and the Vote Voter Cards

In 1920, following passage of the 19th Amendment, fliers were distributed to women who had registered to vote. The Women and the Vote Voter Cards combine an historic flier from the collection of the Missouri Historical Society with a 2020 QR code that leads to At the site, eligible voters can get information and register to vote, and individuals 13 and older can pledge to register and receive a reminder message when they turn 18.


Social Studies Teacher Outreach and Support

o Maryland Council of the Social Studies (October 2019)

o DC Public Schools’ Professional Development Workshop

o National Council of the Social Studies, Austin, Texas—Exhibit with Gallery Walk and Calendars 

o Humanities Texas Teacher Training

o Gallery Walk, Whittemore House (January 22)—Gallery Walk, Calendars, and Review of Online Timeline 

o Professional Development Workshop for Social Studies Teachers, Washington, DC (January 28)—Gallery Walk

o Mid-Atlantic Council of the Social Studies (February 28 & 29)—Exhibit with Gallery Walk

Distribution of Materials to Schools

o Cape Cod—calendar distribution by League of Women Voters 

o Washington, DC

o Richard Wright 

o Columbia Heights Educational Campus 

o Ballou High School 

o Thurgood Marshall 

o Gallery Walk – Whittemore House (Jan 29)


o Partnership with Maryland Women’s History Alliance

o Burgundy Country Day School 

o Howard County, Maryland

o West Lafayette, Indiana public and private schools—with League of Women Voters 

About the Foundation:

The WNDC Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan public charity dedicated to education concerning the history of women’s rights and contributions of women as well as the preservation of the historic Whittemore House Museum—a home for women’s political engagement in the nation’s capital for nearly a century.