In 1991, the Woman’s National Democratic Club (WNDC) established the WNDC Educational Foundation (EF) as a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan public charity dedicated to the education of the public concerning:  (i) the history of the women’s rights movement, (ii) the achievements and contributions of women in our society, (iii) conflict resolution, (iv) outreach and education of the public, especially women, about economic, civic, and cultural issues, and (v) preservation of the Whittemore House museum, its history and contents.

Board of Directors

Pamela Johnson, President 

Nuzhat Sultan, Vice-President 

Michael Beidler, Financial Secretary 

Pat Bitondo

Elizabeth Black

Elizabeth Clark 

Christine Clemons 

Marcie Cohen

Nuchhi Currier, Ex Officio 

Suzanne Finney

Judy Olmer

Rosalyn Overstreet-Gonzalez 

Miae Song, Ex Officio 

Winfield Swanson 

EF programs depend on the participation and financial support of the public as well as members of the WNDC. Please contribute to EF’s work by making a tax-deductible contribution.